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Waterpiks countertop and cordless
Waterpiks countertop and cordless

Advance your health by taking care of your oral health.


Switch from flossing to water fossers.

I used to have a really bad teeth 10 years ago. I mean it was so bad that I didn't have nearly enough money to cover all the costs for procedures prescribed by the dentist. I had to settle for some small an medium repairs which helped alleviate toothackes a little bit. I learned the hard way that taking care of your teeth maters. 

Water flosser in action
Water flosser in action

Bit by bit my dental situation improved when I decided to make my health situation a priority in my life. One of the turning points was when I discovered a water flosser. Having been strongly encouraged to buy one by my dentist I immediately went online in search for my new best friend - water flosser. Waterpik reviews are always recommended to study before deciding which model to buy.    


Having been really tight on a budget, as usual, I spend a great deal of time comparing various models. The first model that I owned was WP-60 Waterpik . After reviewing all kinds of online consumer reports I decided on this model. I purchased it from Amazon as that was the cheapest. From all the Waterpik reviews  that I read, this model was more affordable and still much praised.

When it come home, finally, after a week and a half of waiting, I unboxed it immediately. I was pleasantly surprised with the big size of the water vessel and the fact that I could floss both jaws with the same water filling, and then floss some more.

Besides, bad teeth I also had bleeding gums problems and was wearing a braces for my lower jaw due to some never corrected angled teeth.

I was explained by both dentist and dental hygienist that, when I start using the water floss I should expect to activate bleeding in my gums, so I was prepared for that. 

It wasn't very pleasant at first, but  after using this water flosser for a week I noticed some big changes. Most notably the bleeding stopped and my teeth felt very clean when touched with a tongue after flossing. 

Visually, the teeth under the braces looked much cleaner than usual also. 

I have no doubt that after introducing water flossing after my regular brushing with a toothbrush, my overall dental health improved greatly. 

In the next couple of years I manged to repair all of my teeth problems. Using purchased Waterpik, in my personal opinion, was a critical change that resulted in decreasing the number of new tooth cavities I got each year. I think, they dropped to only 1 or two per year.  

The model that I purchased had 6 power settings. I started using first the lowest power setting, not knowing how strong it is. It proved to be too weak for my taste, so I kept increasing power setting until I reached most optimal for me. That was 3 at first and I kept using it at that setting for a couple o months until I felt my gums become stronger and could withstand more water pressure. After that I just kept using the 4th power setting.

My wife, always had a much better teeth than me, but after several months she decided to start water flossing also, mostly as a preventive measure. So we both a couple more replacement tips to have some separate for her. After using it for a couple of weeks on and off, she was converted and become an avid water flosser (Also called a water jet).

Although my wife didn't have any implants, veneers, crowns or bridges, she also found water flossing very efficient in improving oral health. For her, that would be defined mostly as squeaky cleaning of her teeth.

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